Greer Steel’s LaserMatte Product Featured in “Advanced Materials and Processes”

Greer Steel Company’s LaserMatte product was featured in the March 2014 edition of Advanced Materials and Processes. To produce the LaserMatte product, Greer utilizes a state-of-the-art laser beam texturing process (LBT) to create microcraters in the surface of the steel.

The LBT process, which is more commonly found in Europe and Asia, induces a matte finish on mill rolls of steel. In North America, most textured or matte finishes are developed either through mechanical means, such as shot-blasting, grit-blasting or grinding, or through electro-discharge texturing (EDT).

When compared to such traditional means like mechanical or EDT treated steel, Greer’s laser-beam-texturing process creates a highly uniform metal surface topography that simply cannot be replicated. The benefits of using laser-treated steel include:

  • Reduced friction and galling, resulting in improved part quality
  • Longer tool and die life
  • Improved process yield
  • Avoidance of costly tool and die coatings
  • Increased productivity due to reduced press downtime
  • Improved metal flow in the die
  • Lower energy costs through increased efficiencies

To learn more about Greer’s LaserMatte product and process behind it, you can read the entire article here on page 25