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In 1917, Agnes and H.C. Greer recognized a need for high-quality cold rolled strip steel.
Their solution: build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and produce the best quality strip available.

Built one customer at a time

The Greer Steel Company has grown into one of the most respected producers of cold rolled strip steel in the U.S. Greer Steel’s immersion into our customers’ businesses creates the type of relationship that is rare these days. When the company started, it was built one customer at a time; it was built with true relationships.

Today, Greer Steel not only remains a leader in cold rolled strip quality but is an extraordinary resource for products and services that provide you with more efficient production, more satisfied customers, and more profit.

To be a leader in the specialty cold rolled strip steel industry requires an entrepreneurial spirt and values that embody:

  • Tenaciousness to produce and deliver the highest-quality products
  • Willingness to adapt and evolve to the changing needs of the marketplace
  • Commitment to customers and all those with whom we do business

This is our foundation, and it forms the very core of how we operate day in and day out.

Innovation at no extra charge

Greer Steel has long had a reputation as an innovator in specialty strip steel. Today we continue to cultivate that reputation by applying technology and innovation to the development of answers to virtually any need you have in strip steel.

From metallurgical assistance to matching the right material to the right application. From developing processing solutions that will help you increase yields without increasing costs to custom engineering a product that will cut processing time. From turning around a very critical order in very short time to delivering that same order to the middle of nowhere, exactly when you need it. All this and more is what Greer Steel is willing and ready to do for you.

Greer’s dedication to excellence continues to pay dividends

Greer Industries, Inc. has provided the rock-solid foundation that has improved the lives of thousands of people dating back to the 19th century. From the ground beneath us to the sky above, Greer Industries and its subsidiaries enhance our communities every day.

Greer Industries’ founders, Colonel Herbert C. (H.C.) Greer and Agnes Jane Reeves Greer, each came from hardworking entrepreneurial families and were trained from young ages to develop their own keen business sense. By the time they married in 1908, both were already successful business owners and continued their success by investing in new business ventures that would later form the foundation of Greer Industries.

Together they built Greer Industries, which is a diverse collection of companies headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia. The nearly 1,200 employees of Greer Industries strive daily to display the same intuition and courage as H.C. and Agnes Greer to make their country and world a better place to live, work, and play.

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