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These steels are processed using our high-powered, reversing cold rolling mills which can produce very close gauge tolerances. In our state-of-the-art specialty strip mill, we can supply these spheroidized steels with a variety of surface finishes, standard and special edges, in either coils or cut-to-length sheets.

Martensitic stainless steels are used mostly for cutting tools, blades, knives, scissors, files, and for many other applications requiring good sharp edge retention, and/or high strength properties. These steels are almost always heat treated and are air-hardenable. The corrosion properties are optimum in the heat treated state.

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Greer Steel will go as far as you need us to go and then some to help you make a better product. Whether it’s providing metallurgical assistance on a tough spec, matching the right material to a new application, developing processing solutions that help you increase yields without increasing costs, or custom engineering a product that will cut processing time, it’s all part of what Greer Steel does for you.

Real Solutions to Real Problems

From idea to delivery, Greer Steel is involved. Greer Steel’s solution-based approach covers a variety of elements including superior metallurgical assistance, material application assessment and product selection.

By paying attention to the smallest details and listening to our customers’ needs, we nurture and foster true and lasting relationships. We are able to do more than deliver high-quality products; we enable customers to maximize productivity and gain efficiencies.

Here are some typical and not-so-typical problems that Greer Steel can help solve. Click on the problem to see Greer Steel’s solution.

Problem: Cracking and/or breaking problems when deep drawing low carbon.


Greer Steel’s HSLA steels. GS 125® and GS150® steels can frequently provide enough strength and ductility to allow you to eliminate heat treating. Our GS80 HSLA can provide hot rolled strength and ductility in a cold rolled strip down to .020″.

Problem: Looking for greater formability, lower hardness and higher elongations.


Greer Steel offers a large array of high formability products to fit your needs.

Low-carbon – Greer Steel Ultra Form (see Greer Steel Data sheet GS-376) offers enhanced Extra Deep Draw properties, while minimizing the potential for strain lines and orange peel texture on the finished product.

High Strength Low Alloy – Greer Steel “Improved Formability” High Strength grades offer improved elongation values while maintaining required minimum yield and tensile values on 50-80 ksi min. yield grades (see Greer Steel Data sheet SG-369)

High-Carbon – Greer Steel spheroidized annealed products are processed in 100% hydrogen Ebner anneal bases. These products can be produced to maximum Rockwell values below those called out in ASTM A684.

Problem: Spending a small fortune on heat treating high carbon spring steel.


Greer Steel’s HSLA steels. GS 125® and GS150® steels can frequently provide enough strength and ductility to allow you to eliminate heat treating. Our GS80 HSLA can provide hot rolled strength and ductility in a cold rolled strip down to .020″.

Every day, Greer Steel products are successfully put to work in thousands of applications. Customers come to us for solutions that enable them to meet the demands of their customers.

A higher quality HSLA steel that doesn’t require heat treatment can save you money and time in the long run, and provide a better solution for the end user.

Problem: Can’t find a way to eliminate costly, time-consuming grinding, buffing and polishing.


Greer Steel No. 3 Best Bright and No. 2 Best Bright. Offering a mirror finish, these steels can help you realize considerable savings. Ideal for bumper stock, mirror backs, motorcycle components and appliance applications, Greer Steel’s bright finish products can help you eliminate all pre-plating processes.

Best Bright Steel Advantages
Cold-rolled strip steel buyers generally specify one of the following four levels of finish:

  • No. 1 or Matte (Dull) Finish: A dull finish that is good for painting or for a surface that needs to adhere to lubricating fluid.
  • No. 2 or Regular Bright Finish: This is a popular finish, but not shiny and reflective.
  • No. 2B or Better Bright Finish: A smooth finish suitable for those plating applications where high luster is not required.
  • No. 3 or Best Bright Finish: This is the premier finish for cold-rolled steel, which requires special rolling practices. No. 3 Best Bright is very difficult to produce and is used for bright plating. It must be carefully processed, supervised and inspected — just the kind of elite treatment that is our specialty at Greer Steel.

Greer Steel is North America’s only producer of No. 3 Best Bright, which is an appliance finish with chrome plating quality.

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