Tom Torch promoted to Plant Manager

Effective February 27, 2023, Tom Torch has been promoted to Plant Manager at Greer Steel.

The Greer Steel management team is confident that Tom will excel in his new role.

Greer Steel Receives Coveted President’s Award for Commitment

Company receives award for continuous registration of SRI’s Quality System Registrar

Dover, OHIO  – Greer Steel Company, a division of Greer Industries, recently was awarded the President’s Award for Commitment for maintaining continuous registration with SRI’s Quality System Registrar for two decades.

Greer Steel was awarded the prominent President’s Award for Commitment for it dedication to exceeding industry standards. The award was presented after SRI completed recent quality management and environmental management audits of the cold-rolled strip steel manufacturer’s processes.

“Greer Steel is dedicated to going above and beyond industry standards and requirements to provide our customers with the highest quality product,” said Todd Daenzer, executive vice president of Greer Steel. “For 20 years we have conducted comprehensive SRI audits to help us continue to enhance customer service. We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition.”

For the quality management audits, SRI reviews the leadership, planning, support, operations, performance and improvements of Greer Steel. The goal of the audit is to ensure customers receive consistent, high quality products and services. The environmental management audit focuses on policy, planning, implementation, operations, corrective action and management. This audit provides assurance to company management, employees and stakeholders that the company’s environmental impact is measured and improved.

“Clients receiving this award represent the gold standard in commitment and success,” said Christopher Lake, president and COO of SRI. “For two decades Greer Steel has used these audits to continue to improve operations and products and has shown they are dedicated to exceeding the status quo.”

Article by Todd Daenzer of Greer Steel Featured in Appliance Design Magazine

Appliance Design Magazine recently featured an article written by Greer Steel Executive Vice President Todd Daenzer. In the article, Daenzer breaks down key points to consider when sourcing cold-rolled strip steel for appliances.

Cold-rolled steel is commonly used for appliance design due to its wide range of physical property and surface finish options. During the process of sourcing the cold-rolled steel from manufacturers, it is vital to have a clearly defined set of requirements.

By defining requirements and keeping lines of communication open with suppliers, appliance engineers can ensure a superior product that is best fitted to their specific needs and exact specifications.

You can read the article in its entirety here or by visiting the publication’s website here

Greer Steel Featured in March Issue of Metal Center News

Greer Steel Company was featured in a case study in the March issue of Metal Center News. Greer, an almost 100-year-old producer of cold-rolled strip, is one of the few remaining North American producer-distributor steel companies to still operate a separate service center.

In 2014, Greer decided to move its long-established service center from Ferndale, Michigan to Dover, Ohio. During the relocation process, the biggest concern was guaranteeing a smooth, uninterrupted transition for customers. To ensure that the move didn’t impact the quality of service that customers had come to expect, Greer double produced inventory to prevent gaps in service and product availability.

By all measures, the move has proven extremely successful. Greer’s newly-relocated service center is still able to provide the same high level of service to its customers. Furthermore, the new facility has allowed Greer to improve efficiencies and optimize the usage of its equipment while also giving Greer much more flexibility in accommodating customer demands.

To learn more about the relocation, read the full case study here.

Greer Steel’s LaserMatte Product Featured in “Advanced Materials and Processes”

Greer Steel Company’s LaserMatte product was featured in the March 2014 edition of Advanced Materials and Processes. To produce the LaserMatte product, Greer utilizes a state-of-the-art laser beam texturing process (LBT) to create microcraters in the surface of the steel.

The LBT process, which is more commonly found in Europe and Asia, induces a matte finish on mill rolls of steel. In North America, most textured or matte finishes are developed either through mechanical means, such as shot-blasting, grit-blasting or grinding, or through electro-discharge texturing (EDT).

When compared to such traditional means like mechanical or EDT treated steel, Greer’s laser-beam-texturing process creates a highly uniform metal surface topography that simply cannot be replicated. The benefits of using laser-treated steel include:

  • Reduced friction and galling, resulting in improved part quality
  • Longer tool and die life
  • Improved process yield
  • Avoidance of costly tool and die coatings
  • Increased productivity due to reduced press downtime
  • Improved metal flow in the die
  • Lower energy costs through increased efficiencies

To learn more about Greer’s LaserMatte product and process behind it, you can read the entire article here on page 25

Greer Steel Company Welcomes Ryan J. Whitaker as Outside Sales Representative

New hire enables company to further its growth, expansion and customer service experience

Dover, OHIO  – Greer Steel Company, a division of Greer Industries, announces the addition of Ryan J. Whitaker under the new role as Outside Sales Representative.

Recognized as a veteran within the field, Whitaker brings more than ten years of experience within the metal industry. He carries with him an extensive sales and business background, as well as a breadth of knowledge in a variety of steel processes such as fully processed strip steel, steel plating and heat treating.

“Ryan’s sales expertise coupled with his innovation, drive and passion for the industry make him the ideal leader,” said Mike Bulger, Vice President Commercial. “We’re excited to have him join our team and we’re confident that his leadership will advance our success within the cold-rolled strip steel industry.”

His proven track record of growth will guide him as he spearheads outside sales initiatives. Under this position, Whitaker will oversee territory management, lead generation, prospecting and problem-solution selling.

Whitaker received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing from Bluffton University. He is currently working towards his MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University which he will complete in 2016.

Greer Steel Company Names Todd Daenzer as Executive Vice President

Dover, OHIO  – Greer Steel Company, a division of Greer Industries, announces the appointment of industry and company veteran Todd Daenzer to the new role of Executive Vice President.

Daenzer, who previously served as Chief Operations Officer with responsibility for the Dover, Ohio, manufacturing plant and service center, will lead the entire steel division of Greer Industries, including sales, marketing, operations, information technology and manufacturing.

“Todd provides seasoned, well-rounded leadership to advance the success we have achieved in cold rolled strip steel,” said John Raese, president and CEO of Greer Industries. “His experience in operations coupled with his technical background brings a strong perspective into the unique needs of our customers as well as our industry as a whole. With a proven track record of managing large-scale operations and driving capital improvements, Todd is well suited to carry forward our mission of serving customers in the best way possible. ”

In addition, Raese stated that he and Bob Gwynne, Executive Vice President of Greer Industries, will continue to remain involved at a high level and fully support further growth of the Greer Steel division.

Daenzer brings 20 years of experience in metallurgy and operations. During his tenure with Greer Steel, he has led a number of capital initiatives that have expanded the company’s capabilities, enhanced processes, improved quality and streamlined delivery times for customers. He also has led product development, including the proprietary LaserMatte, which is a unique matte surface finish that improves results for automotive, bearing, painting and other metal forming operations.

Additionally, Greer Steel strengthened its sales team with the hire of Pablo Arce to support sales efforts in Indiana and Michigan. With nearly a decade of experience, Arce is responsible for servicing customers and growing Greer’s efforts.

Daenzer received his Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from Michigan Technological University. Arce received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Louisville.

Greer Steel Company Completes Major Capital Improvement Initiative

DOVER, Ohio  – Greer Steel Company has completed a series of capital improvements as part of its ongoing commitment to provide customers with exceptional products and services to meet their needs.

The improvements, which were undertaken in the past 18 months and recently were completed, include installation of new equipment along with upgrades to existing operations at Greer’s state-of-the-art plant and service center in Dover, Ohio.

“Greer Steel has a long history of investing in its operations with a single goal in mind – helping our customers achieve success through the highest-quality products and services,” said Todd Daenzer, Chief Operations/Quality Officer at Greer Steel. “The most recent capital improvements are part of a larger initiative to enhance our versatility from a product offering and technical expertise standpoint.”

The most recent improvements include:

  • Packing line expansion and upgrade, which increases the capacity of the line to handle a greater breadth of material. The line’s equipment in the main plant was integrated with equipment in the service center as a parallel line. The upgrade allows for greater efficiency to respond to customer needs and provide more packaging options.
  • Oscillating line installation, which is a single head line that is ideal for small service center runs. The line will enable Greer to provide more options to serve customers with both mill quantities and service center quantities while collapsing lead times.
  • 18-inch reversing mill upgrade, which also includes software and hydraulic improvements. The project allows for faster mill speeds, better gauge performance, reductions in surface defects and positive impacts on customer yields.
  • 20-inch temper mill upgrade, which enhances the surface quality of material. The project will enable Greer to minimize rejects and eliminate potential surface defects.
  • Dual-head slitting line upgrade, which will increase capacity and capabilities to respond to customer needs for larger coils up to 63 inches in diameter.

In addition, Greer undertook a range of infrastructure upgrades, such as crane enhancements and roofing projects.

Greer Steel Company Enhances Management Team

DOVER, Ohio – Greer Steel Company has expanded its management team as part of its continual improvement efforts aimed at ensuring customers receive the highest-quality steel strip products and support services. The appointments include plant manager, quality and environmental systems manager and vice president-commercial, all based at the plant in Dover, Ohio.

Greer Steel provides quality cold rolled strip steel in its Ohio state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. In order to maintain and improve standards of quality, Greer named Scott Rummel as plant manager and Aaron Hall as quality and environmental systems manager. Michael Bulger has been promoted to vice president-commercial.

With Bulger’s promotion, he is now in charge of all sales and marketing functions at Greer Steel. He most recently served the past 12 years as an outside sales representative for Greer, where he was responsible for sales in the Midwest region and management of a cost savings program. He has more than 20 years of experience in the steel industry and a vast background in sales.

With more than 16 years of experience as an operations manager, Rummel has proven achievement in managing operations in flat rolled steel sheet finishing. He also has 12 years of experience in developing and driving process, product and quality improvement initiatives as a senior level process engineer.  Rummel is tasked with directing plant operations and is responsible for putting federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. He is also accountable for logistical planning and oversight of the plant, which includes a service center and slitters, rolling, annealing, pickling, and other processing and packaging equipment.

As quality and environmental systems manager, Hall’s responsibilities include preserving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and putting government environmental compliance into procedure. He has 15 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, has maintained ISO certifications and worked with Lean Six Sigma to continue operations improvement.

“Our new hires have an understanding of how every process interacts with another and know what is required to stay ahead in today’s challenging steel  market,” said John Raese, president and CEO. “At Greer Steel we are persistent on progressing our organization’s standards and believe these employees will continue our growth and improvement in the industry.”

Bulger has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Kansas. Rummel has a Bachelor of Science in business administration and industrial management from Youngstown State University. Hall has a Bachelor of Arts in biology from Kent State University.

Recent Improvements for the Best Strip Steel

lincoln2“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”
– Abraham Lincoln

At Greer, we understand that the quality of our product has a direct reflection on the quality of your product. That’s why we are committed to a never ending process of improvement and investment to deliver the industry’s best strip steel. To that end, we recently made a number of upgrades and improvements to our 18″ 4-high Reversing Mill that will improve both surface cleanliness and Cpk performance.

• Hydrometer room revamp
• New coolant control valve and pump upgrade
• New mill drives and associated controls
• Refurbished non-contact isotope gauges
• New mill control software improves Cpk performance by 15%

I believe we share a common resolution and commitment to success. We will never be satisfied with the status quo and will always do whatever is needed to provide you with world class strip and flat wire.

John R. Raese