Greer Steel Company Completes Major Capital Improvement Initiative

DOVER, Ohio  – Greer Steel Company has completed a series of capital improvements as part of its ongoing commitment to provide customers with exceptional products and services to meet their needs.

The improvements, which were undertaken in the past 18 months and recently were completed, include installation of new equipment along with upgrades to existing operations at Greer’s state-of-the-art plant and service center in Dover, Ohio.

“Greer Steel has a long history of investing in its operations with a single goal in mind – helping our customers achieve success through the highest-quality products and services,” said Todd Daenzer, Chief Operations/Quality Officer at Greer Steel. “The most recent capital improvements are part of a larger initiative to enhance our versatility from a product offering and technical expertise standpoint.”

The most recent improvements include:

  • Packing line expansion and upgrade, which increases the capacity of the line to handle a greater breadth of material. The line’s equipment in the main plant was integrated with equipment in the service center as a parallel line. The upgrade allows for greater efficiency to respond to customer needs and provide more packaging options.
  • Oscillating line installation, which is a single head line that is ideal for small service center runs. The line will enable Greer to provide more options to serve customers with both mill quantities and service center quantities while collapsing lead times.
  • 18-inch reversing mill upgrade, which also includes software and hydraulic improvements. The project allows for faster mill speeds, better gauge performance, reductions in surface defects and positive impacts on customer yields.
  • 20-inch temper mill upgrade, which enhances the surface quality of material. The project will enable Greer to minimize rejects and eliminate potential surface defects.
  • Dual-head slitting line upgrade, which will increase capacity and capabilities to respond to customer needs for larger coils up to 63 inches in diameter.

In addition, Greer undertook a range of infrastructure upgrades, such as crane enhancements and roofing projects.